June 16, 2021

Enhancing the Bloom experience with the development of a Bloom Fitness App

Pictured above: Michele Stanley, Bloom Fitness Program Coordinator; Mynette Murtagh Randall, Bloom Fitness Culture Coordinator; Oga Okwoche, nonPareil Digital Technology Lead; Donna Zimmerer, nonPareil Director of Operations-Houston; John Watson, Founder of Bloom Fitness.

Bloom Fitness has signed an agreement with nonPareil to develop an app that will enhance the Bloom experience for our athletes and help us offer our program to more people across the country. In addition to being a competent software developer, nonPareil is a nonprofit organization that trains people on the autism spectrum to gain competitive employment in the technology field.

“We love the alignment in our missions and know this connection will produce a better product for our athletes. We look forward to the nonPareil partnership and will provide updates as this exciting project unfolds,” says John Watson, Founder of Bloom Fitness.