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Community around exercise

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Athlete Registration

All Bloom athletes must complete registration and waiver forms before participating in Bloom classes. Answers are confidential and only shared with pertinent Bloom staff/volunteers.


Our classes build a community around exercise.

Our goal is to ensure every athlete feels a part of the community. This empowers them to choose a lifetime of health and wellness thus improving their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Bloom offers strength, dance, chair fitness, yoga, Pilates, and indoor cycle classes. Classes are uniquely designed to support the needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Bloom instructors are highly qualified to provide fitness instruction within the IDD community. Our class priorities in order of importance are safety, fun, community, encouragement, health, and fitness.

Six class types. Infinite joy.


Bloom Strength combines light dumbbell resistance training with bodyweight strength training. Athletes complete intentionally designed movements focused on proper form and body movement.


Yoga involves the formation of body postures, breath control, and meditation. Athletes follow a certified instructor through adaptable movements that encourage cross-body movement, balance, strength, and flexibility, improving overall balance and fitness.


Bloom Pilates consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength movements emphasizing proper posture, core strength, and balance. Bloom Pilates requires no additional equipment and is easily scalable to each athlete’s needs.

Dance Only

Bloom Dance keeps athletes smiling and moving - taking the “work” out of a workout. Bloom Dance combines scalable low and high-intensity dance moves into a fun and engaging cardiovascular workout set to today’s popular music.


Bloom Cycle provides athletes access to top-quality cycle equipment specifically chosen for ease of use and quality of experience. Athletes receive extensive training on the mechanics of operating spin bikes safely and efficiently before attending any classes.

Chair Fitness

Bloom Chair Fitness combines the best elements of Bloom yoga, dance, Pilates, and strength to facilitate movement while seated. The class is designed so that anyone can participate and is not limited to athletes with mobility disabilities.

Choose your method, in-person or online.


In Person

Bloom partners with intellectual and developmental disability service providers to bring in-person programming to facilities across the country. To learn more about starting a partnership location near you visit our Get Involved Page.

Bloom On Demand

Bloom on-demand classes bring the same engaging programming to you at the location and time you choose. To choose a lifetime of health and wellness through our on-demand videos, log in from our website or download our app on the Apple or Google Play stores today.

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Bloom Live!

Bloom Live! classes provide athletes from across the country the opportunity to unite virtually for wellness classes. To join a Bloom Live! Class today, log in from our website or download our free app on the Apple or Google Play stores.

Help Bloom grow its community.