Bloom Fitness athlete Richard didn’t like to exercise at the inception of our program and was an adamant NO about joining a class. Richard would say he doesn’t like to exercise. One day Richard decided to join a class at Spindletop, our partner location. In that class Richard had challenges with exercises that required leg lift, high knees, forward folds and balance.  Richard didn’t give up and he continued to attend classes and now he can execute high knees, forward folds, and has made progress with his balance while doing squats.

Today he can be seen doing high knees and forward folds with the best of them, and his balance is improving one squat at a time! For Bloom athletes, having a safe space to learn, practice and build community is so important – it’s also key to our 94% retention rate! 

Our goal is to ensure every athlete feels a part of the community. This empowers them to choose a lifetime of health and wellness thus improving their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Bloom offers strength, dance, chair fitness, yoga, Pilates, and indoor cycle classes. Classes are uniquely designed to support the needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Bloom instructors are highly qualified to provide fitness instruction within the IDD community. Our class priorities in order of importance are safety, fun, community, encouragement, health, and fitness.

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